Hailey Bieber shares her $4K beauty routine

The model showed all the products of her daily life


With the status of one of 2019's most radiant brides, it is safe to say that when Hailey Bieber talks about skin care, we stop and listen. And when she uses Instagram to share her whole routine, we capture the screen and make a new wish-list. The model posted each item she uses, briefly explaining how she uses each in her day to day.

"I'm going to share some of my favorite current skin care products and some I've been using for a few years!" She announced through Instagram Stories. Check here for the complete list:

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Dr. Barbara Sturm Whitening Mask, $ 183
1579294758325259 1578880424654 hb 9
Vintner's Daughter Serum, $ 270
1579294758604437 1578880424653 hb 8
Elsa MD Skincare Factor 46 Sunscreen, $ 62
1579294758871919 1578880424653 hb 7
Day-to-day cream Augustinus Bader, $ 446
1579294759237376 1578880424653 hb 6
Famous Drunk Elephant Moisturizing Mask, $ 80
1579294759545304 1578880424653 hb 5
An oil-based cleanser by Drunk Elephant, $ 52
1579294759816306 1578880424653 hb 4
Facial Moisturizer at SkinMedica, $ 209.95
1579294760108206 1578880424653 hb 3
This one sells in Brazil: SkinCeuticals Vitamin C Serum
1579294760366494 1578880424650 hb 2
Pads are super high! These are also made by her dermatologist and are not for sale to anyone.
1579294760678330 1578880424650 hb 1
A facial soap specially made by her dermatologist

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