The Masked Singer Rita Ora

Rita Ora’s fantastic and revitalizing Phoenix remains one of the best pop albums of 2018. And, thankfully, it looks like there won’t be another five-year wait before she blesses our ears with her next project. Earlier this week, the generous 28-year-old teased a couple details about her third LP. Speaking to WWD, she revealed that it is tentatively expected to arrive sometime next year. Not only that, but the “Only Want You” diva hinted at the sonic direction. “It’s pop music,” she promised. However, there is a twist.

The Masked Singer is completely unique! It’s fresh, original and there’s no other show like it. The costumes and stage production add a big theatrical element to it. I’m very excited that we were given the opportunity to bring the show to the UK!

We all immediately got on so well and I think the mix of personalities is perfect for the show and what makes it so fun! It’s been a blast getting to know them all throughout filming – we are like a team now.

I have always been a fan of the show. The whole idea behind the show is pure genius, how could I have said no when i heard that they wanted to bring it to the UK?! ! I feel so honoured to be a part of it.

Jonathan is pretty good even if in the moment he mentions some crazy names – he usually has a good sense of people. So I guess that’s got a lot to do with his job.

I relied on my love for music so I really was thinking and listening to the voice, the tempo, the tone, the texture, even sometimes how they breathe. Being a singer I really pick up on these things, so that really helped me out. And to be fair, I did get the most right in this whole competition, I’m just saying.

It blew me away! The costumes make it impossible to guess the identity of the performer and the intensity of the reveal is what makes it such an amazing show. The level of detail from head to toe is extraordinary, so it’s distracting! The whole point is to try and concentrate on the voice but it’s hard to solely tune in on that when you’re so mesmerised by what’s in front of you.


We’ve seen so many different characters, ones you couldn’t even imagine. I feel like the possibilities are endless. I would love to be made into a fictional Disney character of some sort or a super hero. I’m always up for an opportunity to dress up.

I’m going to be boring and say something really simple! I’d love to go shopping down Portobello Road with my sister and mum Grab coffee and cake in a cute little cafe and have a wander around the streets. It’s been a little while since I’ve been able to do that and I can’t think of a better way to spend a day.




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